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Whether your enterprise was recently formed, or you have enjoyed extended success, you have a story to tell, and we would like to tell it. To insure that the right people listen, our group of experienced designers, illustrators, writers and photographers will employ their varied talents to make your story memorable and exciting.​


Umlaut is led by Gordon Studer, a successful fine artist, designer and illustrator for over 30 years. His work has illuminated the pages of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TIME, Adobe, Apple and U.S. Postal Service, as well as countless websites and magazines. Gordon brings humor and depth to his wildly creative solutions. In step with him are the friends he’s made along the way, whose combined efforts encompass all aspects of the design and advertising world.


Gordon and his colleagues have united to bring all their years of training and experience to your next design, advertising or marketing project. Individually, these accomplished professionals have written, drawn, designed, painted and photographed around the world. Now they’d love to take a shot at your story--right here at home.

Adobe, Cisco, Apple, U.S. Postal Service, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Oakland Dust, Bay Area Film Company, Stanford University, Forrest L. Merrill Art Collection, The Pohly Company, Johns Hopkins University, Canada Wide Media, ASAE, Penton Media Inc., Hanley Wood, Ziff Davis, Dartmouth University, Yale University,  American Public Works Assoc., Penton Media, EH Publishing, CXO Media, Oracle, American Express, University of Miami, The Washington Post, Zehno Cross Media.



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